Sunday, February 1, 2009

Bahamian proverbs

erry jack gat dey jill (everyone has someone)

ya gat a roach on ya bread (someone taking your man)

you make up ya bed ya ga lie in it (you cause a problem, live the consequences)

every dog gat his day (everyone have problems - today you tomorrow me)

you is ya ma chile (you look just like your mother)

tongue ene ga no bone (you talk to much)

you spit in the wind it blow back in ya face (what goes around comes around)

hand go hand come (as you give so shall you receive)

if you don't hear, ya ga feel (listen or ya ga get a beating)

hard head duck,don't make soup (if you don't listen, you will get a beating! - lol)

hungry make dog eat raw corn (if you hungry you will eat anything (forced to eat anything)

lose goat don't know now how tie goat feel (if you never been there you don't know - don't critize a man until you walk in his shoe)

pot calling the kettle black (me and you gat the same problems/concerns)

every day the bucket go to the well, one day the bottom will drop out (ya play with fire you ga get burn)

jump outta frying pan into the fire (from bad to worst) you know what ya gat)

what you do in the dark will come in the light (when you do things )

as you sow, so shall you reap (for every action there is a reaction)

you can't plant corn and expect peas(as you sow shall so shall you reap)

time and tide wait for no one (there's a time and place for everything)

Peter ene no better than Paul (when criticizing the other, you are perhaps just as guilty)


Brittany Wilson said...
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Brittany Wilson said...

So what does "you selling 30 days" mean?