Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Changed Life

Since my last blog, I have left my house, moved into a 1 bedroom apartment, divorce my husband ........ Life has changed.
On May 6th I decided to leave my husband of 27 years. I have been faithful, supportive,loyal as a wife, mother, Christian and friend. I love my family and did everything in my power to keep it together. Yes, my husband and I had problems but it was nothing we could not handle if we worked at it together but my husband had different plan. He was having an affair, the 20th one, with one of his students 20 years younger and that was enough for me . Once his daughters found out they encourage me to step up and walk away. What makes a man throw away his family and marriage of 27 years for a lil fling? Please if you know tell me.!
Well, life goes on I am now divorce and on my own, my girls are living their lives and we have not heard from their father/my husband (ex) since the day I walked out. He showed no interest in fighting for his family, trying to talk to the girls... nothing!! no one has heard from him since and eventhough we had birthdays without hearing from him we continue to move on.
I don't know what life has for me, I am so sad this has happened to me but I do know the God is in control and whatever doors he open for me will have some type of happiness connected to it.