Monday, September 24, 2007

Tooooo Long

Yes, it has been to long since I last wrote, at least a month. Where do I begin to tell the story of how.... wait , that's a song. That is how things are for me, so crazy busy. I am back in school and it has not slowed down long enough for me to exhale. The classes, kids, lessons, test, grades, volleyball games continue to remind me of my age as I am feeling pains in places I did not know I had.
My family is in full swing, Tnoya is back teaching dance , this year she has 8 classes with adults and kids, I plan to join the jazz class when volleyball season is over. She is doing well and I am so proud of her, she had a cub (tiger) to take care of the other day, in her place ... at home.... I am not sure who child she is! Tneill is right in the swing of things, 17 hrs of classes, coaching varsity volleyball and still manage to fracture her hip whiles training. Yep!!!! ER, 4 hrs, ex ray,doctor, crutches and $770.00 later she is doing well.
I do realize that life stops for no one and things happened along the way to remind us that 1. we are not in charge, 2. we can not change things, 3. whatever will be, will be 4. Deal with it!! I feel if I take that attitude then I would have less stress and more sleep.