Thursday, February 5, 2009

Black History Month

On Monday I gave my students an assignment, to find an African American who is an inventor and write a report on it. Today I got their papers and was surprised to find how excited they were to share what they found.

Sara Boone- invented heating furnace

C.J.Walker- 1st black female to become a millionaire with hair products

Willis Jackson - invented pencil sharpener with a plastic covering

I can go on but just to know that the every day things we use were invented by African American, and now to have an African American as president is even more amazing. When you now hear A.A. children talk about becoming president when they grow up is no longer followed by a smile, a light tap on the back or the words "maybe one day" you would know that is is closer than you think.

I have decided to give them this challenge each week as we are in Black History month and see what all they can discover and in the end appreciate the contributions made by African Americans.

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