Monday, February 9, 2009


As I listen to my daughter in turmoil ,I struggle in what to tell her. I want to be the mom who can take all the concerns and confusions away, to supply her with the answers that she needs and to comfort all of her uncertainties. She is at a Missionary school where the discussion can up and her teachers and lots of the students believe that babies go to hell if dies as an infant or toddler. If they crawl to their mom's bag and take out her wallet, that's stealing and they will go to hell. This of cause made my daughter very upset and refuse to go along with their belief. She called my after 1am to voice her concern and wanted to know my views. I told her the God I serve will not do that, as a baby is not accountable at that age so it can't make a choice. She now questions her stay and if she should continue there with this as one of the issues she has a problem with.

I know that each religion/church organization have founded themselves on their own views and belief, interpreting the bible their way. That's why I see keep your eyes on the Lord and not people because they will fail you every time. I told my daughter she knows what her belief is and to stand on it. The decision is hers and I will support whatever she decides.

We all need to search the bible for ourselves and if in doubt allow the word to guide you. God knows and he say if you seek you will find. That he has the answer for everything you are in need of.
So don't fret, don't get too upset, just trust in him and his word.

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