Monday, February 2, 2009

Crappy shoe

I want to compare something.

Stepping in crap is not a nice feeling.As you raise your foot up you see it is pasted on the bottom of your shoes. It smells bad, smeared into the dents, curves, tracks of the shoe. It is nasty and in order for you to get it off, you have to stop, sit down, put your foot up, get a stick and scrap it off. Now some will come of easily but some that is embedded causes time and energy to get out. If all else fails you hose it down with water or throw away the shoe.

As in life, we are faced with problems, trails and tribulations. It gets to the core of our being,into the heart and it covers the emotions. It does not feel good, it hurts and bring on pain. In order to get out of this you have to stop, pray, and seek help. Now sometimes it will get you on the right track, it will make you fell better and offer you help but for those hard, painful ones you will have to place your life into the hands of the father. He will cover you, comfort you and shower you will his love. He repairs our life and make it new again.

I guess the moral of this story is : Watch where you walk,

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