Wednesday, February 11, 2009

DC# 5- Loneliness

Our meeting last night was something I needed. I have never experience loneliness like the present, since I have become divorced. I hate it and it feels like you are existing in a world of one.

We talked about the causes of loneliness ( isolation,refection,don't feel valued,family pulling away,)
To know that loneliness is not a disease, that you tend to withdraw from people, you feel unworthy wondering if something is wrong with you. second guessing everything you do, you feel like a failure.
The consequences of loneliness (depression,promiscuity,anger,erosion of self-esteem,)
You develop a sense of anger, running to the next relationship, wanting to stay home and stay away from people. You end up looking for someone, anyone to fill that need.
The cures for loneliness ( Learn to be single,difference between lonely vs alone, avoid new relationship,trusting God)

The most important part I learn was that you need to embrace being single to know that you are separate,unique and whole. WOW!! You need to know who you are and who you are in Christ. That it is OK to be alone, God never said man should not be single , he said man should not be alone. To get to know God and his voice.

God is more than enough.


God is more than enough.

I am learning to be that confident, secure independent woman of God. To embrace being single, to enjoy making your own choices, not having to "get permission". To experience things in life that I put off . I like that, I am looking forward to do it all and just


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